Shanghai Li Gong Pump co., LTD., founded in 1998, is a unit of sinopec supply network members, baosteel designated suppliers.Company mainly produces chemical pump. Valve, the company has national recognition of the class B pump test bed and machining equipment 50 sets, vacuum metallurgy, silicon melt process of precision casting and heat treatment equipment.Companies rely on their own brand advantages, and domestic well-known research institutions (Shanghai iron and steel research institute, Chinese academy of sciences shenyang metal) advantages in development of new materials and some new materials (such as super dual phase steel, monel - 400, B, C...)Applied to some chemical pump valve, in order to adapt to the strong corrosion, strong abrasion in the special conditions.

It is worth mentioning that our company is the ASME standard product collaboration to transmit unit, the production of 304, 316, 316, ti, 316 l, 904, 904 l, titanium, and replace the imported duplex stainless steel pump, valve, and can be used wet smelting with dilute sulphuric acid slurry and the working condition of phosphate &compound fertilizer slurry transportation for harsh conditions.To explore together with our colleagues from all walks of life to solve the corrosive condition of material development and application.

We introduced here pump is only a representative, if you find in there is no special requirements, you need to this does not mean that we can't provide this kind of pump, please telephone or email and contact with our engineers, we will satisfy all your requirements.

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